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Buffalo Creek Quilt Shop,Inc.


• Backing needs to be 9” larger than the quilt top (4-1/2" wider on all 4 sides).
• Batting needs to be 9” larger than the quilt top (4-1/2" wider on all 4 sides).
• Please do not sandwich the top, batting, and backing prior to bringing it to us. Bring them in to us as 3 separate layers.
• Check to make sure that the seams are secure.
• Use one safety pin to mark the top of your quilt.
• Do not add embellishments prior to the long arm quilting.
• Remove all excess threads, pins, buttons and other embellishments.
• Your quilt top should LAY FLAT. If it doesn’t your quilt may have puckers when quilted. Measure your quilt across the top, center and bottom—these measurements should be the SAME.
• Quilt must be clean and free of any odors.
• Quilt top and backing fabric must be pressed.
• Backing needs to be square.
• We use our own Warm & Natural 100% cotton batting. We reserve the right to refuse backing or batting fabrics such as bed sheets, blankets, heavy denim, or decorator fabrics.
• If you prewash your quilt top it is recommended that you wash the backing as well prior to having it quilted.
• If we prepare the backing for you there is a fee of $15/hour.


We will be happy to help you select a thread color and a design for your quilt from over 900 designs on our Gammill Statler Stitcher.  We do edge-to-edge quilting on your table toppers, wall hangings, runners and quilts from baby to king size.

The cost for long arm quilting is $.02 per square inch. If your quilt measures 60” x 90”, your quilt measures 5400 square inches x $.02 for a total of $108.00. For smaller items our minimum flat rate is $25. The batting is extra. The thread cost is included in the quilting price.


Please note that if there are puckers, “waves”, or excessive fullness in the quilt top that these cannot be quilted out. The top should be flat and square for best results. The Gammill, like all sewing machines, is a mechanical device and sometimes has a mind of it's own! Although we will do our utmost to insure perfect results every time, on very rare occasions a mechanical problem can occur which may result in minor damage to a quilt top and/or backing.

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